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Gonna start engaging

I love writing. I love writing so much that I've actually written a novel (Woohoo! Coming out soon, stay tuned). So why is it that when it comes to writing about myself I find it so hard to do so. I dunno, perhaps it's because it feels so vulnerable to me personally. I'm still fascinated how people can put there business out there on a continuous basis, but I guess that's the world we're living in. Oversharing is in and oh how I hate to share (Kidding, not really, lol). I much rather do what I'm accustomed to, which is writing about other stuff. Like when I write my songs. Are they really about me? No, they're usually about some guy, lol. I've done some freelance, that's always been fun. But, as of recently I've come to the conclusion that I do wanna explore the possibility of having a place to talk about my feelings, interests and aspirations, basically my dreams. I've talked to enough people to know that there are a lot of dreamers out there like me :) Funny thing is, what I've realized on my journey so far is that dreams never die. People just tuck them away, hoping their dreams will dissipate. They don't. So with that being said, I'm gonna really make a valid attempt to start writing on here about my thoughts, interests and what I'm doing to make my dreams not stay tucked away like so many. I'm excites to start sharing (Yayyyy! Oh Boy, lol)!

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