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Me Too

Everything that's been happening in the news. What a time to be alive. Some hate living during this time because there is so much upheaval currently taking place in the world. But I am glad to be present during a time that women are coming forward and showing their bravery, their courage to the world. I am in awe watching, listening to the many stories of women coming forward and speaking their truth. Too be quite frank, I never imagined such a time would come at all. But the time is now, actually Time's up. Never have I felt so validated and vindicated as I do now. Even though I have not come forward to speak my own truth (stay tuned) I now know that I am not alone. What a feeling!!!!! It's amazing. For far too long, I though I was flawed. I personally have never been able to share my story for so many reasons, first off shame. I still struggle with the concept, I don't know if I will ever reveal my experience. But, I've always felt so alone, I've always felt it was my fault. I can still vividly remember starting to confide in a friend and she quickly interrupted me and told me that this had never happened to her. I stopped sharing immediately knowing that I would not be heard. At this time I don't feel comfortable talking about what happened to me yet, but what I can say is that I don't feel alone anymore. Even though the women on the news are strangers to me, I feel oneness in understanding their stories, their truths, their experiences. It is a feeling that I have never felt before. The more they speak, the more my shame is chipped away. Hopefully one day I can tell my story, but for now I am beyond content just listening. I truly hope everyone is listening as well.

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